The Club Chefs of Westchester were incorporated in early 1992 and is a non- profit organization for the mutual advancement of the interests of its members to consider and deal with the common concerns of management, such as those encountered in the production, distribution, employment and financial functions of the private club professional chefs industry.

Starting with about a dozen Chefs in 1992, the club has now grown and increased to over sixty members in 2002. Our real main focus is education and over the last few years we have organized many events, seminars, day trips and classes for the betterment of our members. Over the years, we have attended Foie gras farms, wineries, game bird farms and many educational seminars. The groups’ yearly visit to different parts of the world, including Italy, France and in the future Spain are the educational highlights of the year.

Our group was formed by club chefs for club chefs and we shy away from purveyor membership so our focus can remain as it is- Education.

We hold our meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, which involves some form of educational talk before the meeting and the meeting is followed by a dinner prepared by the host chef and his or her staff. We also hold three social events, one being our annual Family Picnic that allows a great day of BBQ, swimming and lots of games for the whole family. A Golf Tournament which continues to be a fun successful club event, when we all need a break in August and we also hold a Christmas Party every year which includes the whole family and has turned into a special day on our calendar.

We would like to take this time to invite any local club chef and their sous-chefs, in and around, our area to give us a call or attend one of our meetings, so you can see the true benefit of belonging to an association like ours.

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